About Us

KELLY LIND (Creator/Writer/Producer/Director/Editor/Actor/Any Other Multi-Hyphenate) was born and raised in New Orleans. She has won only two major awards in her life (so far): “Biggest Social Butterfly” and “Biggest Flirt” at McMurdo Station’s prestigious Galley Awards in Antarctica. She also won a nice chunk of cash as the winner of the game show “Trivial Pursuit: America Plays.” One bit of trivia about Kelly is that she’s spent at least a month on every continent. Yes, including the aforementioned Antarctica. Realizing she kept getting sucked into the Facebook vortex due to reading countless inane posts, she was inspired to create the blog www.StupidFacebookPosts.com from whence the idea for Stupid F’n Posts came. And she’s very happy she found an excuse to use the expression “from whence.”

PEDRO LUCERO (Producer/Director of Photography/Actor) For the last two decades, Pedro Lucero has been a part of the New Orleans film industry, working behind the scenes, in front of the camera, and carving out any kind of hustle to get movies made in such a chaotic town. Getting his start in the theater with Archbishop Rummel High School’s Genesian Players, Pedro learned quick timing and discovered an acute sense of what makes a scene move. This taste of acting gave him the fever for creating worlds, challenging norms and striving to see a multitude of projects get made. Pedro made the jump to film in the mid 90’s when he was offered a spot on a Popeye’s Chicken commercial and has since worked on a number film and television projects. While pursuing his career in film, Pedro has been the Production Coordinator/Entertainment Director for multiple establishments for twenty years on world famous Bourbon Street. He’s seen it all. Go ahead and ask him for some stories. Pedro has also been an integral part of various music festivals across Louisiana, and even Austin, Texas. Having written, directed, and produced, Pedro’s work can be seen all across a swath of outlets including film, television, and the web. Even though he has been part of major motion features, Pedro enjoys working with Indie projects. He believes in the integrity of the people and has a love for the heartbeat of independent filmmaking.

JEP EPSTEIN (Music and Sound Design) Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, Jep was enveloped by its rich, diverse, and plentiful music. For someone with musical inclination, there could scarcely be a better playground. He attended college at the University of Virginia, where he received a B.A. with Distinction in Art History in 1984. Upon graduation, Jep moved to Los Angeles, where he worked both as a composer and as a performing musician, amassing credits with NBC, ABC, FOX, Castlerock, and Hearst Entertainment. In the spring of 1993, Jep returned to New Orleans. Since that time, he has written themes for a number of PBS shows, and has also worked as a composer/sound designer on numerous award-winning commercial, industrial, and documentary projects. http://www.scoremusic.com